All About Cataingan

Health Facts in Cataingan

        Besides being conveniently accessible, Cataingan has such an available supply of health services that patients from the neighboring town and barangays and from as far as Samar could conveniently avail of.

The municipality has a public hospital, the Cataingan District Hospital.

Aside from the Rural Health Unit / Clinic of the Poblacion, there are also a number of health stations/centers in the barangays. There are also some private clinics.

Waste disposal
        For solid waste disposal, the municipality relies on several ways of disposing. Majority (63.54%) of the 7,801 households employ burning as a way of disposing wastes. Some use the following manner, namely: dumping (9.31%), composting later to be used as fertilizers (6.23%), feeding to animals (10.61%), burying (9.54%). A very small segment of the households, roughly 0.12%, dispose of their garbage through the garbage truck of the municipality.

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