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Plans and Development

The Beautiful Sunset in Cataingan
  • The existing rock causeway that serves the landing needs of the inter-island vessels and of the local fisherman shall be extended and developed in to a functional port whereof passenger/cargo ships can easily dock and make inter-island travel conveniently safe and available in Cataingan.
  • An adequate potable waterworks system shall be established for the whole town of Cataingan. The existing system will be rehabilitated and expanded to be able to respond to the water needs/demands of the populace. This is topmost in the LGU’s hierarchy of priority. At stake are the health benefits, as well as the social and economic well-being of the people.
  • Cataingan is also one of the bundant fishing grounds of Masbate. The absence of good and reliable fishport, however, results into majority of the fish harvest bypassing Cataingan itself and the opportunity of greater economic activity is lost in the process. A respectable fish port is also the precursor of other downstream industries like fish canneries and other fish processing business. Its establishment and/or improvement would considerably enhance the economic progress of the municipality.
  • Parallel with other projects, budgetary allocations and requests for grant assistance from various provincial and national government agencies shall be made in order to pursue this service aspect. None better contributes to a vibrant economy than the opening/rehabilitation/concreting of farm-to-market roads. Consequently, farmers’ various agricultural products will be conveniently transported to the town center, thereby increasing the family income.
  • The LGU is determined at allocating part of its scarce resources for the computerization of all municipal government transactions. This thrust will free more personnel to community/field work and lessen the clerical work-load in the office. This is in line with the national government thrust in information technology as a key contributor to national capability building.

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