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Situated at the foot of the narrow peninsula in the southeastern part of the island province of Masbate and about 77 kilometers southeast of Masbate City is the progressive municipality of Cataingan. It is bounded on the southwest by the municipality of Placer whose town center is linked to Cataingan Poblacion by about 17 kilometers of provincial road, on the north by Palanas, by 19 kilometers, and on the south by Pio V. Corpuz, by 25 kilometers. It is connected to the capital town by concrete asphalt-paved national highway. Its eastern portion faces the Samar Sea, the Poblaacion, itself is situated on a coastal area, facing what is usually referred to as Cataingan Bay.

With a land area of 224.21 square kilometers, the municipality of Cataingan has a very progressive economy. This is prefaced by the favourable location at the southeastern seaboard of the island province of Masbate which has become a safe haven for steamers, vessels, motorboats, and sailboats especially during inclement weather.

The Cataingan town center or Poblacion is about 77 kilometers from the provincial capitol town of Masbate. Southward, it is more or less 223 kilometers across the Visayan Sea to Cebu City which serves as one of the progressive outlets of Cataingan’s various agricultural products. Cataingan is also strategically located between the two municipalities of Pio V. Corpuz and Palanas whose trading activities revolve.

Cataingan is where the Orthodox Church was first officially established in the Philippines. The municipality is home to one of the six Orthodox parishes in the Philippines and the country's only Orthodox monastery

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