All About Cataingan


Means of Transportation in Cataingan
        Cataingan’s strength lies in its being a coastal municipality, with its agricultural and sea produce either traded to Cebu or Masbate City. But such potential cannot be optimized without a stable transportation and communication facilities. Its primary mode of transportation for trading purposes is by land transport—ferrying rice, corn, copra, fish, cattle, root crops and other agricultural products.

The existing act of conveyance facilities plying in and out of the municipality are: buses, L-300s, vans, public utility jeeps, tricycles and single motorcycles motorized pump boats and paddled canoes. The municipality has a regular schedule of bigger island vessels for cargo and passenger transport from Cebu. There are other bigger pump boats which occasionally ferry passengers from the municipality to Leyte and Samar and vice versa.

        A post office serves the total population of the municipality. Mailing needs, telegraphic transfers and telegraphs are handled by the same service facilities. There are no private postal or delivery services operating in the vicinity.

There are also some privately-owned public calling stations which caters local and overseas calls.

Messages may also be sent by the wireless system through the provincial law enforcement communication system (PLECS) where they may transmitted by VHF radio. There is no radio station in the municipality but broadcasts from Cebu, the Bicol Region, the Panay Islands, Metro Manila and Masbate are audible in the municipality.

With the update, Cataingan is now powered with wireless communication system through Smart Telecommunication and Globe. It has even an internet provider to allow people of this municipality to connect globally in just a simple click.

There is a big room for improvement in the field of telecommunications. It is, however, recognized that state-of-the-art communication facilities follow where booming trade and upbeat business are present.

        Cataingan is energized by the Masbate Electric Cooperative (MASELCO), through the latter’s power generation plant located at the municipality of Mobo. There is, however, a bright prospect that in the future, a least costly coal-fired power plant is established. Coal is an abundant resource in the island that lies dormant underneath its soil.

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